Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Older:Yes. Wiser:?

Status: Officially older, not necessarily wiser
Mood: Overwhelmed

Well, it's official. I can no longer say I'm in my early 40s. Or even live up to the claim of 44 and 3/4 my blog title claims.

Doesn't help that the nice girl in the pharmacy I ask for a good face cream hands me one for "mature skin" (would it hurt them to call it "wiser"?).

Undaunted, am determined to be cheerful, upbeat and positive on my birthday. Chocolate eclairs and macaroons bought to share at office help (yum).
[Note to self: Sweets bought to SHARE with well-wishing colleagues]

Open up computer to a flood of well-wishers, including a message from Welsh Fran, loopy childhood friend who declares to world of Facebook that I'm "one of the most lovable, crazy, gorgeous people on the Franplanet".
Think (hope) that's a compliment....

Day passes in a blur of good wishes from more people than I have years on the clock, and a flurry of work (they had to pick today to get me busy?), then it's off home on the train-bus-train-metro-bus samba.

Two-and-a-half hours later, walk through front door to find No.1 dodging homework and Sister-in-Law and neices bubbling excitedly round the flat. SIL fails to twig significance of day despite Kiddo saying "Happy Birthday Mum" and me opening cards in post...
....only when I explain combination code on lock of the cherry red suitcase I'm lending her for her first trip to London do her eyes goggle and jaw drops.

Enter OH, armed with a bunch of roses, badly-written but loving card - and a killer migraine. So, a quiet night in then. (He'd better make it up to me at the weekend!)

Treat myself to spicy noodles with sweet chilli and cashews... ...but candles keep falling over into the gloop, so give in and pig out.

Here's to the next 45 years!


  1. Happy very belated Birthday! I love your blog and check in on it now and again. You make me laugh every time! Have a great next year!

  2. Trust me, better years are still ahead!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Keep thinking that now you can start wearing purple (and that you'll always be a young'un compared to me ;))


  4. Happy birthday!! Loved that post.

    If it makes you feel better, when I was 20 a sales assistant with porcelain skin (ie not like mine) tried to sell me anti-wrinkle cream.

    "Now is the time, you know."


  5. Hi, dropped by from Lakeland Jo's blog. Loved your post - it reminds me of how a fabulous friend of mine used to write on her blog, she's stopped posting and I miss it.

  6. Hi nice to meet you, came through Andy. I'm a kiwi, used to live in London, now in California (whew, sorry that was to much info) yes I often have that mature skin comment, plus I have the rubbish Kiwi skin on top of it all. I thought it was such a good idea to tan for 12 hours a day all those years ago - with baby oil slathered on...